We are honored to say that we are a family owned operation originally from the South of France where tradition and food fill the air. 
We come from families where food and entertainment are the focus of every event and celebration.
We have been mentioned in several newsletters as one of the best spots in the web for great food, products and customer service.


We have a passion for food and a love for people.  
We exist to serve you, our customers.  We desire to be your best little spot in the web for good food and authentic products. 
Our goal is to provide fresh quality food by presenting the old and new while we continue to add a touch of spice in everything we do.


To serve our customers all over the US with authentic and traditional products like spices, nuts, soap... within a cozy website where service is the key.


Our business in the U.S started in California in 1975, we recently (in 2009) moved to Florida where our corporate office and warehouse is located.

We select the best products.  We will go without, rather than select an inferior product.  Though many businesses just say it, we do it.